Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beware Of The Skunks

It's that time of the year again. Time to be on the lookout for the black and white cats, aka: skunks! It's my worst fear of getting sprayed on my morning run when they are often hidden near garbage cans along the sidewalks...yuk!

Tuesday's running was very good with the morning starting out tired and not too sure if I should do the 'pick-ups' or not. I proceeded to do 8 X 45 seconds on/off and felt great doing them. My legs needed that spark and I finished the morning with a little over an hour or running.

Wednesday was probably one of my last runs in Hartely since the sun has been taking away a lot of the base we have been running on. My two loops of easy running went well and I managed to run the last lap rather quick. (maybe too quick for recovery)

Thursday was another morning where I wanted to snooze the alarm clock for hours. I just didn't want to get up. I did and it just goes to show that all a person needs to do is just get up and things improve quickly.
I had to do my 'steady-state' mileage and I am now working up to the hour mark. I did 8 miles at the prescribed pace along with some warm up and warm down miles. Overall a very solid morning.

Tuesday: 1:11:00 ~10 miles
8 X 45 seconds at 5K

Wednesday: 58:27 7.2 miles easy trails

Thursday: 1:24:42 12.4 miles
2 mile warm up
8 miles 'steady state' (6:05 ave)
2.4 warm down


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
God I hate those black and white cats:) Stinky!!

Nice job on your workouts!! Oh by the way, I got into Grandma's half!! I am so excited:)

Gregg said...

I'm glad to see you made it in the half. I have a lot of friends that were not so lucky...
May we have great racing conditions this year! I am very optimistic.