Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Last Snowmobile Run

Friday I woke up and hit the road feeling quite well considering my medium-long effort yesterday. I had a feeling that the Hartley single track was beyond its purpose so I opted for a road warm up and then hit the snowmobile trails for some mileage along Hawks Ridge and Amity. My plan was to turn and use roads as the second half but I realized that these trails would soon be goners so I opted to finish back the route I came. A very decent morning of running.

This morning was the Kick Off to Grandma's Marathon. Lucas and I made the trip down to SMDC to listen to a couple of speakers before his patients ran dry. It was really a nice little event they put on. I will have to partake in future years.
After the talk and my wife finished her run I put on the clothes (too many) and hit Skyline west. I wasn't too sure how I would do since I have a bit of a head cold but I ran out 50 minutes and returned. I hit the house for a quick pit stop and added a half hour loop to get some extra time in. Today was as close to a bonk as I have been on a training run in some time. I forgot how horrible that felt. A good horrible once you are done and fueled but anyone who has experienced that can relate. Wonderful weather but bad shoes was the day.
I'm not too sure what I am going to do in the shoe department. I have worn 8 or 9 pairs of the Asics Speedstar 3's and the Speedstar 4's are no match. I'm a bit concerned. There are only so many minimal light weight trainers on the market and now I am on the hunt. Maybe Brooks can come to the rescue?

Friday: 1:02:40 8 miles

Saturday: 2:09:10 17.4 miles

Tomorrow the family is off to San Diego for a little break from Northern Minnesota weather. (even though the weather has been amazing for March)
I will post if I can out there, until then Cheers!

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