Monday, October 31, 2011

Two Week Recap- Running By Time

It's been over two weeks since the WhistleStop 1/2 Marathon and I have recovered much better than I thought I would. I took most of the week following the race off but resumed some easy running the next week and have been running by time only. I really like this time of year and base phase for the most part by running solely by time. It's really easy to get caught up in mileage and really, after all the years I have been at this running gig, I do know how much mileage I am running by a very good educated guess. What's most important at this point in the year is to get in some consistent miles and enjoy them. I can say I have been allowing myself to perform those qualities in my training and will soon follow a more structured plan.

Not a lot has happened in the last two weeks but the highlight of the time gap had to have been my run last Sunday. I couldn't hook up with any partners so I took after that one solo. I would decide on a trail that I had dabbled on a while back and was very fortunate to nail a remarkable day! The run would start at the Parking lot west of Ely's Peak and I would work my way in a southwesterly direction back towards Jay Cooke. The trail was dry, and slightly covered with leaves. I was a bit worried in regards to the trails coverage but it really wasn't an issue as I didn't twist any ankles or take any falls for the 80 minutes of running I did.

Here is the catch up for the two weeks. I plan to run 6-7 times a week and eventually work my way up to 10-11 runs a week with one mid week longer run and one weekend long effort. If the weather cooperates this may happen by early December. If not that will definitely be the goal heading into the new year.

Week 17th-23rd:
Monday: 0 miles
Tues: 31:00   ~4 miles
Wed: 0 miles
Thurs: 0 miles
Friday: 32:00  ~4 miles
Saturday: 0 miles
Sunday: 54:00  ~6.5 miles
*~ 15 miles running (recovery post 1/2 marathon)

Week 24th-30th
Mon: 43:42  ~5.5 miles
Tues: 0 miles
Wed: 52:55 ~7 miles
Thurs: 53:10  ~7 miles
Fri:  55:00  ~7 miles
Sat: 53:35  ~6.5 miles
Sun: 1:18:52  SHT  ~9 miles
*~42 miles

Weeks Total: 57 miles (2 weeks)
Years Total: 1842.6 miles

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