Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 4: Long Run Challenges

This week was another gain in fitness. I feel like things are really coming along nicely and soon will be adding some quality to the weekly grind. My plan is to tack on another 20 or so miles to the weekly volume, which will require a few doubles during the week. My main hurdle with that type of program, which is why I haven't done it in the past, is my family life. I can't really load up and run a second run in the evening with the family in limbo. I plan to stay home and jump on the treadmill a few times during the week and hopefully this will allow me to be home as much as possible after work. It's an issue I'm willing to work with but not force. If it doesn't happen, oh well...

The long runs continue to go well despite the horrible weather we have had with all the snow and cold, blowing winds. I can't wait until I can hammer out a 20 miler and have no road issues to contend with. If you are living where there is no snow, you better thank yourself right now because it's not all that fun.

Here is the week:
Jan 20-26th

Mon: 1:18:30, 8.3 miles  Hartley trails, glen/david
Tue:  1:09:00  10 miles treadmill, 4 mi @ 6:00's
Wed: 1:14:00  9 miles Hartley, roads
Thur: 1:01:35  8 miles treadmill
Fri: 56:50  7 mi.  snowy roads
Sat: 2:13:00 16.6 miles, skyline to Magney
Sun: 1:38:00  9.7 miles easy peasy  Hartley

Weeks Total: 69 miles

Years Total: 217 miles

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