Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 1: Making Slow Progress

I mentioned in my last post how banged up I was feeling after starting my training up again. By the end of the week I was already starting to feel a bit back to some form of normalcy. My main area of focus is the right hip flexor. It gets really tight if I spend a lot of time slipping and spinning on the ice and snow. When I feel that coming on, I hit the gym and run on the treadmill for a day or so to allow some much needed rest from the elements. That seemed to work and got me up to speed for the current week.

I ended last week (30th-Jan 5th) with a total of 47.2 miles, not too bad for week one. There is a long road ahead to get up to the volume I desire and I hope that road is smooth. I think we are finally over the Polar Vortex and on to more feasible weather conditions so the outside miles can begin to add up. I'm looking for a good 10+ mile jump in volume this week and I take it day by day to evaluate where my body is. On to bigger weeks!

Years Total: 29 miles

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Kurt said...

So what is the plans for 2014?? You going to try a ultra soon???? Huh you know you want to man. Door Co Fall 50 mile this year is the USATF 50 mile road championships!!! Think I am going to go back there, great course.