Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 3: Even Keel

My best intentions were to ramp this week up and possibly over 70 miles but the legs were not having it. I ran tough through Thursday and by Friday my 'mental edge' wore on me and I took a much needed day off. I wanted the weekly mileage but really, I have learned to listen to my body and rest when my body is telling me to do so. As a reward for that decision Saturday's long effort went without a hitch. Legs were great and I had minimal tightness in my hamstrings. (last week the hamstrings were the first to go the last 20 minutes of the run...)

The next week should go well and I plan to hit the mid to upper 70's for mileage.

Jan 13-19th 

Mon: 1:21:00,  8.4 miles in Hartley
Tues: 1:10:00,  9.5 miles treadmill
Wed: 1:19:00  8.2 miles Hartley
Thurs: 1:14:00  9 miles, Lakeside roads
Fri: 0, rest morning, felt great to take a break
Sat: 2:05:30, 16 miles, Lakewood roads
Sun: 1:19:15, 8.3 miles in Hartley

Weeks Total: 59 miles

Years Total: 148 miles

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