Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 2: Groovin'

The title says it all. I've been at this running thing for quite some time and I continue to be amazing how quickly the body can bounce back from some time off. Last week I was singing the blues about my aches and pains and this week couldn't have been any better for what it's purpose was. I feel like I'm in a groove! To gain steady momentum and grow each week over the first month of the year is the immediate goal. I have two more weeks to peak up in mileage and then see where I can settle for the next 6-8 weeks after that in preparation for Boston.
Despite the early week freeze, I only had to hit the treadmill twice this week and boy did I feel good being outside. It just makes running more enjoyable. This weekend I managed to get in a decent long effort despite not getting much for distance it was still very beneficial in the week's growth. The next week will look very similar with just a bit more volume spread throughout the week. Cheers to week number 2!

Week Jan 6-12th:

Monday: 7.8 miles treadmill
Tuesday: 6 miles treadmill
Wednesday: 7.1 miles Hartley single track
Thursday: 10 miles roads, Enger
Friday: 7.8 miles Hartley + campus
Saturday: 14 miles Lester, Lakewood roads
Sunday: 7 miles Hartley

Week: 60 miles

Years Total: 89 miles

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