Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 5: Vortex Remains

The month of January has been a weather challenge to say the least. There has not been a single week where running temperatures have been comfortable. A day here and there spattered in the middle of many sub-zero weeks. I find the silver lining in that kind of weather in that the running surfaces are amazing. The cold temperatures make it so you can just cruise on many roads and trails like no other temperature. That is the thought I grasped on to when the Polar Vortex looms. For reals though, Hartley trail system has been the best condition for running in many years and I am thankful I live just a quick 4 minute jog to the trailhead.

This week found my legs in the mood to push the volume a bit and I recovered well from most of my runs. My wife and I also purchased a spin bike and I have been using that for recovery in the evenings. The next big jump in mileage will only occur if I can start hitting some double days. My goal for Feb. was to have a few 100 mile weeks but I am not sure that is going to work out with the family schedule and all. Time will tell.

*First 5 weeks of build-up: 48, 60, 60, 69, 75 miles

Here is my last week of training:

Jan. 27th - Feb. 2nd
M: 1:00:53, 7.5 slow miles, very tired treadmill
T: 1:18:06, 11 miles treadmill 5 X 4 min @ 5:42 pace
        30:00 spin on bike
W: 1:25:21, 9.1 miles trails
T: 1:18:54, 10.3 miles roads, snowy
F: 1:18:56, 9 miles trails, felt awesome
S: 2:30:00 19 miles country roads
Su: 1:21:32  9.3 miles trails, recovery
         30:00 spin recovery on bike

Total for week:  75 miles

Years Total: 292 miles

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