Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 6: Forced Rest/ Crabby Long Run

This past week was not in the plans but sickness never is. I woke up and ran on Tuesday and had an "off" stomach and it then turned into a full on head cold over the rest of the week. I really burned through the virus, as I was ready for long runs by Sunday. In all I only took one day completely off and the rest of the days I altered my mileage and cut back to make sure I didn't over do it.

The weekends long run was just about as miserable as any long run has ever gone but we managed to get through it and once the run was over I felt quite a bit better as the mile splits were quicker than I thought. We mostly ran sub 7:30's in -10F weather with windchill's much lower than that. It was kind of funny as both Dave and I had an off day and spent the entire 2+ hours looking for better miles to come and they just never did. I guess a person needs to have some bad runs to appreciate the good ones.

Here is my week:

Feb 3-9th
Mon: 1:10:49  8.7 miles, Vermilion recovery miles
Tue: 1:09:13  8 miles, sick, stomach troubles, Hartley
Wed: 0 miles/ rest day off/ head cold brewing hard
Thr: 45:31  6 miles trails, feels ok
Fri: 1:09:52  7 miles trails faster downhills, feels ok
Sat: 1:20:34 10 miles, trails, feels good. legs a bit tired
Sun: 2:21:05  18.2 miles country roads/ Lester downhills

Total: 58 miles (6 days, sickness)

Years Total: 350 miles

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