Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 7 & 8: Slight Volume Bump/ Sore Butt Muscles

I didn't make it to the computer last week to type of the weeks summary. I did a decent bump in mileage and managed a few doubles in the process. The amount of time it takes to hit 90-100 miles per week boggles my mind. The days I did hit some doubles I felt like the day was over and all I said to my son and wife were "good morning and good night". It wasn't a pleasant week. I figure with the added hours of light to each day those will become easier. I'm hoping. 

I managed a couple decent tempo style workouts and even fit in a 10K ski race. The race was more like a "tour" for me but at any rate I burned some calories and made a few muscles really sore that had not had a workout in some time. 

This past week I found myself really tired on Monday so I rested an extra 90 minutes and it payed off huge! The rest of the week I had no troubles getting my runs in and had good energy most days. My runs on Friday through Sunday were plagued with a really tight right upper hamstring/glute. I also have quite a bit of tightness in my right psoas muscle. There is definitely something brewing there and I need to attend to it ASAP. I used some massage balls and roller last night and it did respond but there is still a lot of junk to work out to get things running smoothly again. That is goal number one for this upcoming week. If that issue gets ironed out quickly, my second goal is to maintain mileage and hit 85-90 for the week. I need a few more bigger weeks before settling and really honing in on some specific pace workouts. 

The weather here in Duluth remains to play a big part in my running quality. I am getting in some volume runs but really there is little to no quality in any part of them. The only quality I have hit has been on the treadmill and those are once a week. I have a 10 mile race coming up to test the waters on pace and that will really set me up for the final push in my last phase of training heading to Boston. I'm hoping for the best!

Feb. 10-16
M: am: 1:03:00, 8.2 miles treadmill easy
     pm: 37:40,  4.4 miles easy trails
T: 1:07:00,  8.2 miles  woodland area
W: am: 1:14:20  10.8 miles, treadmill *6.5 miles at 5:56-6:00 pace
     pm: 50:00, 6 miles,   park point
Th: 1:23:0, 8.1 miles, slow snowy run
Fr: 1:11:19,  9 miles *Fartlek runs
S: am: 1:23:22,  10.1 miles, West Duluth miles
   pm: 55:00 , 6.2 mi ski, Book Across The Bay
Su: 2:06:00,  16.2 miles  W. Duluth, Skyline, Canal Park.

Week Total: 87 miles *10 runs

Feb. 17-23
M: off, tired and poor sleep all weekend.
T: am: 1:16:39,  10.1 miles, treadmill steady run
    pm: 35:00 spin at home on bike
W: 1:18:54, 11.1 miles, Vermilion to Tish, Billy's,Riley, Eagle, Vermilion, Home
                                     4,5,4,5 min at 5:35 pace tempo intervals.
Th: 1:34:21, 12.5 miles, West Skyline, Dunedin loop
F: 1:00:34,  8 miles, treadmill Snap, R ham tight
Sa: 2:29:30,  19 miles, Pike Lake  *bad glute/ham pain
Su: 1:30:00,  11 miles, old E superior street and back

Week Total: 72 miles *6 runs

Years Total: 509 miles

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