Monday, March 17, 2014

Week: 9-11; Middle-Aged Injuries

The last post I entered I mentioned I had some sore butt muscles and tight hamstrings. Well, they worked themselves right into a full blown injury that has kept me at bay for the last three weeks. They got really tight and actually spasmed up to the point I couldn't safely run. One week was mostly zero running and a couple of trips to see Adam at DCC. He made things loosen quickly but the muscles remained tight and I was only making small progress over week two. This past week I managed to "jog" a measly 52 miles all at a relatively slow pace. It has been three weeks since any quality work and my time is limited until I have to line up in Hopkinton on April 21st. The last bit of running I did was mostly "tight" muscles and really no spasms or pain but still, a tightness that didn't allow for any quality to the run.

So here I sit. I am 5 weeks out from one of the worlds biggest running stages and I am banged up. Bad! I want to make it to the start and run a respectable time, but really, who am I kidding?  At this point I am hoping for the next five weeks to allow me to first, get rid of the injury, and second, make some progress in my training to allow me to have a good time and make the best out of a bad situation. Times are not relevant right now and I just want to be part of history and run America's greatest marathon.

In other news, we are supposed to get a pile of snow tomorrow. It's March 17th!! Let's please move on with the season and welcome Spring!

Here are the last three weeks of my so-called running:

Feb 24- March 2rd
M: 0
T: 3 mi. treadmill run. no-go
W: 0
Th: 2 miles, Adam appt.
F: 0
Sa: 3.3 miles, Hartley
Su: 3.3 miles, treadmill, Still Sucks!!
Week: 12 miles

March 3-9
M: 30:00 spin sesh, Adam appt
T: 0, stretches
W: 30:00, 4 miles, still tight, Strength work
Th: 33:00 4.4 miles
F: 43:00, 5.1 miles, cemetery/umd + exercises
Sa: 1:26:00 9.1 miles, pub shuffle pre run
Su: 1:13:00 9.3 miles/ pm 3.2 miles
Week: 35 miles

March 10-16
M: 30:00 spin sesh
T: 1:11:45, 9.2 miles
W: 42:00, 5 miles,
Th: 58:00, 7.7 miles
F: 1:03:00, 8.1 miles
Sa: 1:10:20, 9.1 miles
Su: 1:30:00, 12.5 miles
Week: 52 miles *slow but able to run most days

Years Total: 608 miles

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