Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Litte Banged Up

The 20 miler last weekend that included a bunch of hills, and a lot of downhill running made for a slow, tight, and concerning week. I was feeling as though I may have over done it on the 20 miler but as I was running it I felt very much in control. I think it was a combination of things that ultimately lead to me feeling tired and stiff, but I fought my way through the week and continued to have an overall decent week of running, albeit a bit more tired than I would have wished for.

I had a Chiro appointment and a massage appointment on Tuesday and that always feels great. The long pace run was moved up to Thursday and I forfeited my intervals for the week in order to gain a bit more recovery. The weekend running went very well, and Sunday's long effort got me out of bed and running by 0515 in order to get the 18 miles I had planned in before my wifey had to go to work. It was during that long run where I realized I had a minor, that could be major if not attended to, issue at hand. My entire right side was failing. I had upper glute/hip, hamstring, calf, and most concerning a very tight fascia in my right arch/foot. I have never had plantar fasciitis before so I don't know what it feels like, but by description I didn't think I had that going on. (possibly a minor or beginning of PF?) The tightness loomed and my right arch did not get any better for most of the long run and I found downhills most tender.

On Monday, which is normally an easy hour + to flush out the gunk from my legs, I decided on taking a zero and focusing on stretches and strength exercises. I did 45 minutes of yoga, plyometrics and stretches that focused on my lower body. Most of my Monday at work felt decent but some stiffness remained and the areas of concern needed more attention. I made a chiro appointment and focused on more stretches and exercises.

I had a decent run yesterday and this mornings interval workout went quite well.
The visit with Adam went well and I feel like I am on my way to quite the week. I feel very energized and ready to close this training out and focus on the race. To get a little excitement in the air I received my Boston Marathon Runners Passport and papers in the mail. I'm getting psyched!

Training for:

March 18-24
M: 59:20 7.5 miles easy, SNOW, skyline
T: 1:07:00  8+ miles easy
W: 1:00:00  8 miles
Th: 1:24:00  12.5 miles w/ 9 mi @ 5:55 pace
F: 1:00:00 7.6 miles, easy trails, roads
Sa: 1:13:45 10 miles, roads/trails eagle lk loop
Su: 2:05:00  18 miles *arch is sore!
Total: ~72 miles

Years Total: 738.4 miles

March 25-31
M: off- 45:00 of plyo's, yoga, stretches to lower body
T: 1:00:00 8 miles easy, 2 X 30 sec @ 5:15 to test legs, all ok
W: 1:07:00  10 miles w/ 3 X 1.5 miles @5:40 pace/  pm= Chiro

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