Tuesday, April 2, 2013

End of Week and 2 Weeks to Go

The rest of last week looked like this:

Th: 1:10:00 10 miles, loop out to Enger and back
F: 1:25:00 13 miles w/ 10 @5:56 mi. *legs tired but good
Sa: 1:00:00 8 miles easy, park point
Su: 1:58:00 16 miles, country roads, hills, neg split run 6:20's w/ Hypo

Total: 65 miles (6 runs)

Years Total: 803.4 miles

This week I have been really trying to behave and get my right leg and arch under control. I have been ignoring a bit of a nag in there somewhere and I figured I need to get things under control very quickly.
I took Monday off of running and tended to a sore arch and it was worth it. I ran this morning and felt good and had just a bit of residual soreness. I also ran in new shoes and that had to help a bit as well.
The rest of my training is going to look pretty boring so I may not post until after the weekend and then just because I am going to be all jazzed up next week with the taper I figure I will be blogging a bit more.

Week April 1-7
M: off  am/pm work on arch/legs
T: 52:00  7 miles *feeling pretty good

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