Sunday, April 28, 2013

Post Race Recovery

Two weeks have passed and I am starting to finally get my legs back. The first week was one of rest and no-care nutrition. Good timing as I had another birthday mixed in there and birthday treats are the best! My quads were pure hell for 4-5 days where walking down stairs was quite the act to witness. I wasn't brave enough to have a massage and my lovely finally worked out some kinks on Thursday, Friday and Sunday the week following. Since then I haven't received massage and my running has resumed quite well. I do have a massage appointment for next week and that will be the true test to see how things have progressed.

This past week I ran 20-25 miles, mostly at the end of the week, and those miles felt better with each passing day. I look forward to the next week and hopefully get the green light to resume regular training after another warm up week.

Here are my two week following Boston:

April 15-21st
M: 26.2 miles race
H:0 *very light massage
F:0 *a bit more massage
Sa: 2 miles 17:45! ouch!
Su: 0 massage
Total: 28 miles with race Monday

April 22-28th
M: 27:00 5K Boston Run down lake walk
T: 0 *massage
W: 23:00 3 miles
H: 28:00 3.5 miles
F: 48:00 6.2 miles
Sa: 2 miles with Lucas 21:05
Su: 49:30 5.7 miles with Jignesh
Total: 23 miles

Years Total: 901 miles

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