Sunday, March 3, 2013

Near Scare and Township Running

Often the two topics listed in the title can go together and refer to the same thing. I have to say, you have to be on your toes (not literally but attentive) when you run in the townships. Let's just say the cars out there are not really friendly to the "athletes" that often venture out to the clear, hilly routes they offer. But today I had a wonderful time and just a few odd looks. The title refers to my two highlights of the week. First, I was on a routine recovery style run on Tuesday morning and decided to give West Skyline a try and was committed to a 10 mile out and back. I had just made my turn around and I was passing over a bridge and just as I crossed the other side I hit a mean patch of black ice and damn if I didn't bite the pavement quicker than you can say Shit! I took most of the blow with my right knee, which in the process took a huge chunk out of my new running pants, grrrrr, along with the skin on my knee. What I didn't realize was I gave my lower leg/ankle quite the twist in the process. That little twist would have me taking it easy a couple of days to follow but after some ICE treatments and stretching I was back on track for a good week. Whew! Thankful for that.

As I eluded to earlier, today I ran out on some Township roads. I ran through Hartley trails to warm up and then hit the roads to Howard Gnesen road and on to W. Tischer to Jean Duluth. I managed to hit the new Lakewood one-stop, can't place the new name right now, and scored myself a 20 oz. water and washed down my green apple Powergel. I then hit Medin to make myself hit some snowmobile trails through Lester. Since it was downhill I still managed to hit 7:00 pace on snowmobile trails through the park until I hit London road. I then cranked down the pace to finish in a step-down pattern which shook things up a bit in the legs. I felt good and thus far have been recovering very well.

So, here I sit some 6 weeks out from Boston and I realize I only have about 4 good weeks of training before I have to really scale back the work and pay attention to staying healthy. It's amazing how the body can get fit when you listen to it. I am not doing high volume but I feel like every day has a purpose and I take advantage of my time out running. When it's time to recover, that is what I do. When it's time to kick it up a notch, I do. To get to Hopkinton healthy is a must. I want to be ready to run with my head up and take in the experience. I know the last 10k is going to be tough, they ALL are, but I still want to be able to really look up and see the beauty that surrounds me. It's Boston! Enjoy it and make the best of my fitness is the goal.

I sure hope you all had a wonderful weekend and took advantage of some fitness in your area. We had stupendous weather once again and the daylight is getting longer and warmer. Get out there and never give up. Remember, today might be that day where you feel invincible and those are the ones that keep us coming back for more.

Here is my week:

Feb. 25th- March 3rd
M: 58:10  7 miles, trails and roads really easy
T: 1:11:45  10 miles  *fell on ice, right knee/lat calf took a hit
W: 58:00 8.3 miles 4 X 1 mile at 5:40 pace (cut short with spasm in calf)
Th: 38:00  5 miles *ICE right lower calf/ankle
F: 1:12:00  10.2 miles 7 miles @ 5:56 pace
Sa: 1:04:00 6.5 miles on Hartley trails easy w/ Dave Hypo
        34:00 4.5 miles pm run to cemetery and back/ easy miles
Su: 2:00:00 17.2 miles *last three 6:14, 6:11, 6:05 miles

Weeks Total: ~69 miles

YEARS total: 519.8 miles

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