Sunday, March 10, 2013

Change of Plans

This weekend I was to test my fitness at a 10 mile race in Minneapolis. That didn't happen. I made the decision on Friday after hearing of the possibility of freezing rain and/or rain for much of the lower region of the state. In the end, the race would have been fine, they didn't get freezing rain or anything that early in the morning, but I would have had to deal with horrible weather on the drive home so I guess it was a safe decision. I had an uncomfortable feeling in my legs on Friday's run and I guess that was in the back of my mind too, so mentally I was not 100% to give a good effort. Instead, I found myself on my snowshoes slogging out a slow, quad burning jog/hike in fresh POW that we received Friday night.  Today I needed another solid long run so I hit the treadmill. Not my favorite but I had an amazing run and was happy with the outcome. All in all another great week of running and one more week closer to heading out to the big race. I just have to keep at for about three to four weeks then a little taper, then the race. I can't believe it's that close!

Here is the weeks details:

March 4-10th
M: 1:14:25  8.5 miles  Hartley/UMD arch sore
T: 51:41  7 miles treadmill + weights
W: 1:08:00  10 miles 3X2 miles at 5:45
H: 1:10:20  9 miles Vermilion/W. Tich
F: 1:13:30  10.2 miles W Skyline
SA: 1:22:20  ~7 effort snowshoe
SU: 1:58:30  17 miles 2X4 mile in middle (6:25/5:55)

Total: 69 miles

Years Total: 588.8 miles

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