Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Phase Is Working

Three weeks ago I switched to the "strength" phase of training. I am now feeling like I am indeed getting fit. I realize it isn't just the last three weeks of training that allows me to feel this way, rather, it's the last 11 weeks total that have allowed me to make what I call a huge jump in fitness.  For one, the MP (marathon pace) runs I do on Friday's have just come together nicely and I nailed this weeks without a hitch at the end of a tough week.

This weekend was looking like a disaster weather-wise and I managed to sneak out to some country roads on Saturday on top of 8" of fresh powder elsewhere and had a very decent recovery run. Then, after tons of sun on Saturday afternoon the roads cleared, as if the running gods were listening to my constant pleading for just a chance for grip on the open roads in order to keep me of the damn dreadmill.  Thank you! It worked. Albeit I started my run at a less-than-ideal -7F! Oh well, that's what they invented Buff's and thick mitts for. I once again made my way to the lovely hills of W. Tischer and got myself over to Lester River Road where I proceeded to pound my quads, on purpose, down the three and a half miles to Superior street to simulate a little Hopkinton miles. From there I jumped on the Lakewalk and proceeded to run to Lemon Drop hill and finish my run on the Grandma's course all the way to Lil' Angies.  In the end I made it 20 miles and was very pleased with how I felt.

This week was a great week for me. Though, not a lot of miles on some peoples standard, I ran a year high and had three amazing workouts throughout the week. I don't mention the easy days much but I had some amazing easy days of running as well. I just love to ease off the gas and just run some miles while getting lost in my thoughts of racing, travel, friends, family, and of course, warmer days...

This weeks volume:

March 11-17th
M: 1:04:00  7.7 miles, easy jog around UMD area
T: 1:20:00  10 miles, trails, Eagle Lake rd.
W: 1:09:00 10.5 miles  2X3 miles @ 5:40 pace
Th: 1:07:00 8.8 miles, country roads, snowmo trails
F: 1:25:00 13 miles w/ 9@ 5:56 pace
Sa: 1:03:00 8 miles, easy, fresh snow
Su: 2:20:00 20 miles, country, LRR downhill, Gmas course
Total: 78 miles

YEARS TOTAL: 666.8 miles

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