Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Challenge

I managed to hit the trails one more time on Thursday and found myself working really hard to keep the HR down in the proper zone. I like that feeling. When things start to click I will become quicker at a lower HR and soon I will find myself looking to up the volume of my runs. I ran the same loops in Hartley and was loving every minute of it. We did get a light layer of fluff-snow but not too much to mess up the trails, yet.

Total: 45:09 ~5 miles HR= 128 bpm average

Friday I woke up to 3-4" of fresh powder and the temps were in the mid-teens. This usually makes a really good recipe for terrible running. I didn't want to get locked in the single track with poor conditions so I opted for the roads. I don't think it made any difference as the roads sucked just the same and I struggled the entire loop. Lots of slippage and I had a terrible time keeping the HR in the zone.
When I finished the run I felt my mid back tightening up and after a half-hour of shoveling things stayed the same. I spent the entire day and evening with a sore back and had to opt out of a Saturday morning run because of it. It looks like my best bet for a workout on Sunday will be a ski somewhere.

Totals: 35:41 4 miles HR= 129bpm ave.

Saturday I did not run. Moved snow for an hour or so. Maybe a ski tomorrow.
Total: 0 miles

Weeks Total: 22.5 miles
Years Total: 22.5 miles


Don said...


Is there a place in Duluth where people can run indoors on Sunday? A soccer dome, or an indoor track, or whatever?



Gregg said...

The two places that come to mind right away is St. Scolastica's indoor facility and UW in Superior. They both have "public" hours but I am not sure of the hours. You could call the REC dept of each when you get in town. Both facilities are very new.

Sorry, i don't use any of them. The YMCA has treadmills and a very small track for walkers.

That's all I have. Good luck!

Don said...

Turns out that St Scholastica has public hours for their upstairs track, $5.00 for a daily pass. In the end we didn't go, but thanks for the idea. Another wime we WILL go.