Friday, June 8, 2012

Rust Buster

Just a quick note of my weeks progress thus far following the 2012 Minneapolis Marathon.

My legs are feeling very good. I was wondering how long the recovery period would be since I ran the marathon with minimal milage in my legs. I took Monday thru Wednesday off and last night did my first true running test.  I ran with a Doc from work and showed him some trails near our house. After completing a loop in Rock Hill (Bagley) we ventured over to Hartley where I showed him where to park if he wanted to drive to the nature center and do a few loops himself someday. I was shocked how well I felt. I plan on running a short jaunt later today and I may up the mileage slowly this weekend. With a little luck, next week I will be back at it and press on to the path of getting fast!!

As for last night. The total time was 49:30.  Probably good for about 6 miles or little less.

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