Thursday, June 14, 2012

Runnin' With My Gal

Our son spent the early part of the week at my parents since his summer program didn't start until Thursday of this week. That gave my wife and I an uncommon ability to run together. We never get to run together. So, Monday-Wednesday we ran loops before work. I love running with her and cherished the moments even though it was just a few days worth.
My legs feel recovered and it is time to bump up the intensity to test them out. So far this  week I have just continued to do easy, general aerobic running. I feel great doing that but want to do some light repeats to really see how my legs respond.
The body didn't want to get out this morning so I didn't. This is the last slouch week and then back to the grind. I have some serious goals for the rest of the summer and I need to get to work!

Thus far this week:

*all easy paced running
Monday: 45:00 roads
Tuesday: 37:00 roads
Wednesday: 58:00 roads
Thursday: ?

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