Sunday, September 25, 2011

Persistent Aches

I managed to get out the door most days this week and even had the opportunity to run an evening run on Friday with my lovely wife. I really struggled to get up on Friday morning so it was a pleasant surprise to get out in the evening and hit some single track with her.

Waking up on Saturday had me in a spin. Literally! I woke up and was going to hit the trails and roadways for an easy hour before my wife and Lucas woke up. I worked my way downstairs only to find myself spinning in me head. I was so dizzy I had to lay back down and close my eyes on the couch just to keep things at bay. It wasn't too much longer and my son was trying to show me his loose tooth and when I looked up at him I saw three of him so I decided it was best just to stay where I was for a bit. I ended sleeping/resting on the couch in darkness for near two hours before working on getting vertical. I finally made it up and about but going for a run, especially on the trails, just wasn't in the cards.

I continue to have a series of aches and pains involving the achilles and right psoas muscles. Doing the stretches keeps things at bay but I am not really progressing with the volume and workouts like I had planned. I hope to nail down (2) workouts this week. Keeping the fingers crossed...

Here is how the week unfolded.

Out to Woodland, Martin road and home via Vermillion/Umd.
1:01:40   8 miles

A mix of trails and UMD sidewalks at end for some uptempo running.
46:19   5.9 miles (6 X 100 meter striders)

Too sleepy in a.m. Ran with Kari after work for a nice loop in Hartley.
55:00   6 miles/trails

NO running 0 miles

Out west with the boys. A series of loops to get in the time.
1:46:30   13.6 miles easy running

Weeks Total: 45.8 miles (6 runs)
Years Total: 1662 miles

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