Monday, August 1, 2011

The Source

I believe during the course of the weekend I found the source of my achilles tenderness. I believe it's coming from very tight, upper calf muscles pulling my achilles and thus thinking it was a tendonitis. I hope I'm right on this one. I've been stretching and things are improving. I figure it wouldn't hurt to keep at the lower leg exercises and thus will maintain all the extra work in addition to the running.

I got out under a beautiful sunrise sky and did an extended loop to Pleasant View and home via Vermillion. I had a bit of stiffness in the last two miles but stopped to stretch and most of the discomforts disappeared. Man, I'm ready to start hammering some serious miles! I just have to be patient the rest of this week, then if all is good start dialing up the intensity and volume ever so slowly.

50:47 6.6 miles


Kel said...

If your Achilles is really riled up, it will most likely be swollen. Referred pain to the heel caused by trigger points in the calf muscles is very common, especially in runners. Tibialis posterior, gastroc, and soleus are all major culprits (and soleus trigger points can also refer pain to the SI joint on the same side of the body).

I just recently posted about some of my own heel pain and trigger point stuff on my blog:

Good luck!

PS> Nice photos of Voyageur! I worked the Grand Portage AS all afternoon - ham radio guy measured the pm air temp at 106! Nice day to run the power lines, huh?

Gregg said...

kel, that's looking like what it is. I've been stretching and things are decent. I also got a chiro adjustment and after adjusting my hips my right calf/soleus cramp has disappeared.
I'm not too sure where that ham guy was getting his readings, kind of hard to believe, but yes it was hot and humid!