Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Game On!

Things are going very good this week. I continue to 'up' my miles and intensity but remain to be far off of where I thought I would be at this point in the year. Still, I have a lot of racing season left and just have to refocus and do some new races this fall.

First on the list is the Ragnar in one week. I will once again have the opportunity to run with some real nice folks and talent. It will be fun, guaranteed!

Here is a quick recap of the week thus far.

Martin road loop and home via Vermilion road.
1:00:00 8 miles

Out and back on Skyline with 3 miles at steady-state pace just to test the achilles.
Felt slooooowwwww. Achilles decent.
55:30 8 miles

short loop through cemetery and UMD.
40:00 5.3 miles

Kenwood loop. Tried to stay slow but managed a decent pace.
53:00 7.5 miles

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