Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Final Countdown

Now that mid week has come and gone I can now officially start to antsy about Sunday's race. I try not to think too much about the finish of the race. It's only natural, as I and many others have put hours and hours of time into preparation for such a physical challenge. I think I have said, " I hope...." a hundred times this week. I hope for good weather. I hope my legs respond the way I have trained. I hope I can run a decent last 10K and not have my race fall apart at the end. Well, I hope for the best. And really, that is what we all can do, right? Our best?

As for this week, not much excitement about my runs, as if there ever is right? Monday I took it easy and cut the distance down a couple miles and Tuesday I did a short fartlek session, and today I did my last track work and had to cut it a bit short just to save my right hip flexor. (it remains stiff and a little sore when running hard.)

36:19 4.7 miles easy (7:43 pace)

48:42 6.6 miles (8 times 25 second fartleks)

53:40 7.4 miles
3 X 1000 meters at 5:15/mile pace
(felt great except my right flexor)

Well, there it is. Near twenty + weeks (i didn't add them up) of training for this upcoming Sunday's marathon in Sacramento, CA. I may not blog until after the race. One more time. I hope the next entry is one filled with great news! Until then. Peace!


Get Primal said...

Hey buddy, best of luck this weekend! Looking forward to reading about the race.

Tony Meyers said...

Good luck this weekend Gregg! Have a great run!

Gregg said...

thanks guys...
quick update will follow on Sunday!

Gregg said...

thanks guys...
quick update will follow on Sunday!

bendprue said...
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