Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finish Out the Year

Since the marathon (on 6th) I have taken a nice break from running and now I am making my return to regular running and will start more "formal" training the first of the year. I enjoyed the time off from training but continued to get up early in the morning because that is one element of my training cycle that is very difficult to form to habit.

Here is the last few days of 2009 and how it rounded out my year.

Dec. 20th:
first day back since the marathon. ran the Hartley trails with Rod and had a decent, easy loop on the snow covered trails.
48:00 6.5 miles

Dec. 22nd:
loop out on the roads just to get some time in. my hip adductors are killing me and I need to get some core exercises started ASAP

Dec. 26th:
nice snowshoe loop in White Pine with Kari. we did two loops where I was breaking trail for the first loop. not a high HR workout, but a good workout for the hip flexors.

Dec. 29th:
i made the mistake of trying to run on the streets after the ice/snow storm we got during Christmas. terrible streets and the trails are no better.

Dec. 30th:
out on the local snowmobile trails just off of Vermilion road. the footing was superior to anything in the immediate vacinity of city streets. i will be running these types of trails until the city streets improve.

Dec. 31st:
on the treadmill. i had to give my legs a break from all the slipping.
the turnover felt great. I did 3 X 1 minute at 5:42 pace just to get the legs turning over a bit.
38:30 5 miles

That's it for 2009! I will total up and report soon.

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