Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week 15 & 16: Mini Taper

I had to recover off the 25K I did last weekend and I was a bit surprised how banged up I got from that. It was supposed to be a marathon-pace effort run, which it was, but the course was a tough one and it took a bit out of my legs and caused a bit of a stink in one of my calves that would take better part of a week to iron out. The pace part felt great and I knew if I could just get my legs to cooperate come Patriots day I just might have a decent marathon. Might being the key word there.
I had one last long effort to squeeze in and I managed to do that on a Friday morning as I took the day off work to get in all the recovery aid.

Here are the last two weeks leading up to Boston:

April 7-13
M: 8 miles 1:02:00
T: 0 miles, needed sleep, rest
W: 10.1 miles, 1:15:00
Th: 8 miles, 59:25
F: 18 miles, 2:14:50, Skyline *calve issues at end
Sa: 2 miles, calf issues
Su: 2 miles, calf issues

Total: 48 miles

April 14-20th
M: 3.3 miles  25:29
T: 3.4 miles 25:42
W: 4.1 miles   31:06
Th: 3.7 miles 26:12
F: 0 miles
Sa: 0 miles
Su: 0 miles * a ton walking in Boston

Total: 15 miles

Years Total: 856 miles

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