Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week 14: Snow Storms and Time Trials

This week turned the page on March and April presented us with yet another hit of snow that would cripple the school systems one last time. (hopefully) I had a good week going and recovered from last weeks 20 miler quite well and nailed a 13 miler on the treadmill that felt very pedestrian as I finished the last 4 miles under 6:25 pace. Friday we got nailed with 10" of fresh, wet snow and I couldn't clear a path quick enough to make it to the gym so I took a zero from running but not from weight training as 2 hours of shoveling and such made up for a lack of SNAP time!

It was a last minute decision but my training partner and I made the decision to wake up early on Saturday and go run the Ron Daws 25K in Hopkins. I made a few contacts Friday night to make sure the course would be cleared and it was happily reported that the snow was indeed melting very quickly. If you haven't run this race it's one to get on the calendar and support the fine people of MDRA, the ones that organize a great, challenging, hilly race that serves a pre-Boston marathoner with more than enough checklists to gauge ones fitness for the big dance in two weeks. I was very happy with how things went for me as the pace was super easy and one that I believe I can hold for another 17K as long as my calves hold out. This race course is hilly and it took a toll on my calves which was an unexpected surprise. Since then I have received a massage and will stretch diligently the next two weeks to keep things loosey-goosey.

I have my last longer effort Friday morning and then it will be relax time for 10 days. I think, given the hamstring issues I had in early March, I set myself up for a decent race come April 21st. I'm not in fast-shape, but I have been able to get a decent aerobic condition under my belt and that should allow me to hold my own and have fun and run with my head up this year and high five the crowd! Watch out Wellsley Girls, I just might stop!

March 31st-April 6th
M: 5.2 miles, 42:43,  extended cemetery, easy miles
T: 7.5 miles,  54: 54, treadmill miles, easy
W: 13.2 miles, 1:33:00, treadmill uptempo, closed in 6:22
Th: 7.1 miles, 56:19, Vermilion loop to snowmo trails
F: 0 miles, snowstorm
Sa: 16.5 miles total: Ron Daws 25K 1:37:50/ 6:18 pace, felt super, calves tight
Su:  5 miles, 40:11, concerned, very sore

Total: 55 miles (6 runs)

Years Total: 793 miles

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