Sunday, December 23, 2012

National CC Champs and Fitness Plan

The week of National Cross Country Championships had me giddy and ready to go race against a field I didn't realize would be as tightly packed as it turned our being. Then again, it's cross country and that's how it usually is, I just haven't raced CC in approximately a dozen years or so. One main lesson learned was one cannot be "kind of in shape" to run cross country. Any weakness will quickly be shown. That was my case. I planned on going out fairly quick to gain good position and try to settle in a decent pace as the first three quarters of a mile after the initial hill were fairly flat. That didn't matter because the first two series of hills set me up for what was going to be a long day of racing. I had it in my mind that I would be able to cruise the downhills and maintain position and pass some more men on the uphills. That didn't happen. I did manage to pass runners on all the uphills only to be passed by a few more on the downhills. Hmmm. My method to racing this race was failing big time! By 5K I was in the same position as my final placing. A side-stitch at 2.5 miles stayed with me and faded as I faded but returned as soon as I pushed the pace, so I found the threshold and that was how I would finish. My teammates would race to a great day and we finished up 3rd Masters team! What a great time had by all. I want to thank Kelly and Team Run and Fun for allowing me to race and have yet another racing experience I will never forget. Matt W. you can thank me later...

As for my training since, it has been focused on gaining some overall volume (I need to focus a bit more, its taking a bit longer than I had hoped) and also to keep one run a week a bit quicker and build on that. It's a much slower process now compared to when I was 20 or 30 but if I take it easy and slowly build I should be sitting in pretty decent shape come April 15th 2013. The next week or so may be a bit of a low week but as soon as the first of the year hits its all business!

Here is a quick look at the last three weeks:

December 3rd-9th
M: 40:00 easy
T: 32:00 easy with strides
W: 40:00 with 6 X 1 min at 5:25 pace
Th: 0
Fri: 40:00 preview course
Sa: USATF CC CHAMPS  35:59, 46th place, team 3rd Masters
Su: 0 travel
~30 miles

December 10th-16th
M: 0 recovery/stretch
T: 34:00 treadmill easy
W: 0 lazy
Th: 37:00 trails/road
Fr: 1:00:00 Skyline
Sa: 1:30:00 trails/ rain!
Su: 45:00 easy roads
~33 miles

December 17th-23rd
M: 45:00 treadmill easy
T: 0
W: 55:00 Kenwood
Th: 1:01:00  treadmill 3X1 mile at SState 6:10-5:50
Fr: 32:00
Sa: 1:00:00 woodland country roads
Su: 1:43:00 skyline
~47 miles

Years Total: 1943 miles

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