Sunday, April 15, 2012

The 80th Mile and Mad Treatment

The past week was a good indicator that all the treatment I have been getting on my hamstring has me going in the right direction. I haven't run over a hour yet but at this point it really isn't about going out and seeing how much I can do, rather doing what I can do in the proper amount and stay injury-free and continue to progress back to overall fitness!

The early part of the week had me running in the evening at the local YMCA on a treadmill next to ultra runner Chris Gardiner in efforts to keep him company, albeit a short run for me, as he continued on his quest to run 16 hours straight in efforts to raise money and awareness for the Strong Kid's Campaign. At the end of a long day Chris raised over $7000.00 and a lot of eyebrows as people walked in and out of the lobby. Together we rolled the 80th mile and he finished with a little over 95 miles for the 16 hour jaunt. Job well done Chris!

The rest of the week I sprinkled half hour runs in between my many treatment appointments. I did a Chiro/deep tissue appointment on Monday. Acupuncture and massage on Tuesday allowed me to focus on stretches and strength work for the remainder of the week. By the time the weekend rolled around I was feeling like a caged animal. I did an hour run on Saturday under beautiful sunny skies along with my lovely wife and my buddy Dave. What a great run. It's crazy to get so excited about a hour run but it's been so long since running with no pain in that leg, I have to go back to January to remember. Too long...

This week will actually look much the same in efforts to ensure I am on the right track and to keep those hamstring demons well behind me. It's exciting and exhilarating to think that in 12 months I will be the one getting nervous and preparing for Boston Marathon. Tomorrow will be excitement for 25,000 runners and I wish you all the very best!

Here is how the week looked:

Monday: 30:00
Tuesday: 0 miles. leg sore from all the work.
Wednesday: 34:00
Thursday: 37:23
Friday: 36:16
Saturday: 58:08
Sunday: 32:20
*all runs completely pain-free!!

Weeks Total: ~28 miles
Years Total: 563.5 miles

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