Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hangin' On By Threads

The plan to line up at the Team Ortho Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon is still on. My last week of running was nothing spectacular. I managed to get out and run most days and some were very easy. The main issue continues to be some extensive lower abdomen discomfort that wax and wanes. Some days it feels like I am ready to get going and do some serious training and others it makes me feel like I should hang it up now. Thankfully the last week had more good than bad days. I had two great days of Chiropractor visits and that relieved a lot of tightness. I have one more visit this week and hopefully that will get me ready.

The last time I ran a sub six minute mile was during the TCM and on Saturday I will be asking myself to run thirteen of them much faster than six-minute pace. A bit aggressive? Maybe, but I have to at least try. If I manage to hang on to the pace I should be in the mix. We'll see come Saturday.

Here is a breakdown of the last week. The weather has been stellar until this past Saturday and Sunday where the days were filled with mostly rain and fog. Sunday was very wet and if the temps would have been ten degrees cooler there would have been a foot of snow on the ground!

One of those "get out the door" kind of runs.
31:00 4+ miles

Feeling better I ran a bit of Kenwood and Arrowhead areas and managed to rip a good mile in there, and felt strong doing it.
45:00 6+ miles

Back to the easy loop where I almost got sprayed by the cemetery skunk again. Damn, I've had some close calls.
30:00 4+ miles

Thursday and Friday
0 miles

Trails in Hartley. I felt really good. One of those runs where I had to concentrate to keep slow.
45:00 6+ miles

Torrential rains and winds kept things close to the house. I ran down to Hawks on the SHT and ran roads back home. I had a period of time on Jean Duluth where I looked down at the Garmin and it read 6:25/mile pace and I was just cruisin'. That's a good feeling. Just maybe I can pull off this half in a week...
58:00 8 miles

Total: 28 miles
Years Total: 2082.6 miles

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Julie said...

Hi there,
You are still getting out there and getting the miles in. I am impressed. Recovery for me is taking some time....I really thought that I would be feeling better by now:)

I am also running the Monster Dash Half this weekend. I know that we have been at several of the same races and I have yet to see you. If you see me please say hi. I would love to meet you:) If I don't run into you....good luck! I know that you are going to do amazing as always! Take care.