Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spike Search

I have to find a new pair of cross spikes and get them on my feet a couple of times before December 8th. I have an idea which ones I'm looking for so hopefully I can accomplish the task by weekends end. (I lost my old pair to the flood in June...)

My training is going well and really nothing too crazy. I just started adding some light, faster work to my week in hopes it get's me fit enough to crank out some decent splits on the course in KY. I have felt myself taking a leap in fitness so it must be working. Volume is on the low side but I plan to progress a bit this next week as long as my hamstring wants to play along nicely. Thursday is the Gobble Gallop 5k and I may sit this one out. I have a bad feeling about cranking out a fast 5k on a cool, slippery morning. Now, if its balmy like last year and no ice, I may toe the line...

Training for the last two weeks:

Nov. 5-11th
Mon- 58:00, trails in Hartley
Tue-59:00 (90,2 min,3 min,4 min, 90w/hill)
Wed-41:00 easy
Thr- 58:45 4 X 2:00 hills Rock-Hill)
Fri- 0 miles
Sat. 1:05:00 2x2 miles (11:30,11:27)
Sun- off, family sick

Nov 12-18th
Mon- 1:08:00 Hartley
Tues- 1:00:00 SNAP, (hills 90 sec at 6%, 1 min @ 7%, MP X 4)
Wed- 35:00 easy
Thr- 55:00 SNAP 7:30's easy
Fri- 44:30 w/ 11 X 100 meters @less than 5k pace
Sat. 0
Sun- 56:30, Skyline (2 min. neg split on return)

Total for YEAR: 1748 miles

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